Katarina Kurtović

Katarina Kurtović

I started exploring yoga 6 years ago during my masters. At that time I was dealing with a lot of pressure and anxiety and the practise helped me find my peace of mind. Since then yoga became a regular part of my life and I got fuly immersed in philosophy, reading scriptures and learning about human anatomy. I started sharing what I have learned with my friends and family which led me naturally  to do my teacher training. I especially enjoy deconstructing asanas to their functional units and teaching them in sometimes unconventional ways. Currently, I teach dynamic flow classes in which we build up our practise towards a peak pose in a safe, structured and systematic way. It brings me greatest joy to see my students getting surprised on what poses they are capable to achieve just by having a targeted warm-up specific to that pose. I see the yoga mat as a place for exploration and learning but also having fun (and occasional bad jokes).

In yogAlive I teach:

liFLOW AND FLY IN ENGLISH (Fridays 1830-19:30) - classes start 12.4.



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