Ceren Atli

Ceren Atli

I have been teaching private and group lessons since 2014. Lesson consists of creative, fluid, empowering vinyasa sequences, where we flow between poses synchronizing movement with breath. With the experience I have gained from lots of practise, teacher trainings and workshops both in my country and abroad, I developed a unique approach in my classes. Through meditation, breath awareness practise and rationally sequenced yoga poses, students come out of the lessone energetically balanced and lighter.

Trainings and workshops:

  • Yoga Intensive Course - Pancho and Beatrix - Nong Khai Alternative Center, Thailand, 2017
  • Nicole Ohme - 120HR Vinyasa Sequencing - Izmir Yoga, Turkey, 2016
  • Cyndi Lee - Om Yoga Vinyasa 300HR, Yoga Sky - Berlin, 2015
  • Zeynep Celen Yoga Intensive Course - Istanbul, Turkey, 2014
  • Meghan Currie - Symphonie of Sequencing, Cihangir Yoga, Turkey, 2014
  • Godfrey Devereux - Dynamic Yoga, workshop Izmir Yoga, Turkey, 2014
  • Noah Mazé - Yoga Labs Asan Classes 20HR - Yoga Tree Mission, SAn Francisco, 2014
  • David Malka - Yoga Theory Workshop - Nefess Yoga, Turkey, 2014
  • Mey Elbi Vinyasa Flow TTC 200HR, Nefess Yoga, Turkey, 2013


In yogAlive I teach:

liVINYASA FLOW IN ENGLISH (Thursdays 18:45-19:45)




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