Sagit Man

Sagit Man

I came to the yoga tradition especially from its philosophical side after completing my B.A psychology studies. My feeling was that the personality part of ourselves is important and worthy and if so limited. I felt that there was another deep and significant part that Western psychology for the most part does not deal with, that which led me to the East and to spiritual traditions that are dealing with turning the look inwardly. I learned and teach traditional yoga from its practical and philosophical aspects and combine in my classes both physical and philosophical practices. Yoga before all, is a way toward liberation. In classes we work with some principles like: relaxation of body and mind, intent, the art of rooting, the center of gravity, aligning, breathing, elongating, and with philosophical traditional ideas like non-harming (Ahimsa), the subtle body etc..

The lessons are based on Hatha yoga Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathing), emphasizing accuracy, understanding, meaning, reason and tenderness.


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