Nóra Oláh

Nóra Oláh

Yoga has been part of my life for over a decade. It wasn’t love at first sight, though. After my first introduction course, I had more doubts about it than before. I looked at my teacher skeptically and thought for myself: Are we talking about reincarnation, really? At that time, I loved ballroom dance, salsa, tango and ballet. I wanted my body to move, not to sit still. It took me years to slowly explore the potentials inherent to yoga, and gradually I became more interested in it. Dances have been my soft spot ever since, but I realized that I had the wrong concept in my head about what it means and how it can feel to move slowly and mindfully. I also discovered that yoga is incredibly diverse, and I can choose from a wide range of styles the ones that fit me best.
The final turning point was when I became a mother. Spending much of my time at home with my baby, I reached out to yoga to help me cope with the physical and mental challenges of motherhood. I found yoga to be profoundly helpful and a wonderful means for continuous self-improvement, as well as an outlet for self-realization by helping others on the same path and by injecting the practice with creativity. At last, in 2019, I decided to take a Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa yoga teacher training by Erica Blitz (US) to be able to share the magic of yoga with others.

In yogAlive I teach:

liNóra is staying in our team and taking substitutions when she is available. We hope she will get some regular class/es again soon...


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