Anesa Imamović

Anesa Imamović

Anesa from Bosnia :) Balkan side of me is always in for jokes, good laugh, good company and outliving the difficulties through humor. Another more serious side of me is into a bit of finance, law and numbers. And favorite side of me is into yoga. I always wanted to dance and move my body in ways that make me feel alive but due to constant changes during my childhood, I was never able to pursue any dance lessons. It was not until I found yoga that I re-discovered my dance passion. Yoga became my favorite dance floor and my own, personal therapist. I enjoy strong Vinyasa flow and especially the Vinyasa that brings fluidity and makes the flow more enjoyable and dancy. You will usually see me in Rocket and strong Vinyasa classes, but I sometimes like to counterbalance with sweet Yin yoga. I am inspired to teach yoga as a tool to bring us closer to our inner, somatic selves, therefore my classes consist of mobility movements, funky poses and fluid flows using the breath as a tool to bring us into state of enjoyable challenge, relaxation and inner awareness.


V yogAlive vedu lekce / In yogAlive I teach:

liSTRETCH, HAVE FUN AND RELAX  IN ENGLISH (Thursdays 19:45-20:45) - classes start 22.9.


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