NEW CLASSES WITH OZ I am following the program of my master Pramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi Akif Manaf. He lived in the Himalayas and was educated by real Yoga Masters who had lived for a considerable length of time in the Himalayas. And he has been teaching “Original Yoga System” more than 25 years. The Original Yoga System is called Maha-Yoga and consists of eight parts (Yama to Samadhi). These eight parts—technically referred to as Ashta-Anga— constitute elements of the general structure of the Original Yoga System. Ashta is the Sanskrit word for “eight” and Anga the Sanskrit word for “part”. In each of the eight parts, there are hundreds of thousands of techniques introduced.

Our lessons are for 90 minutes. Each lesson starts with Pranayama (breathing techniques), continues with Bio-energy Techniques, Asana (postures), once again Pranayama, Dharana & Dyhana (Concentration and meditation) and finally ends with Shavasana (deep relaxation).



When: every Sunday from 5 to 6:30pm starting 7th April
Price: 220CZK drop-in, 200CZK with a ticket (for 10 entries, valid for 4 months), you can pay by Sodexo or Edenred tickets, too.
Teacher: Özgün Uçar
Reservations in Rozvrh


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