Yoga for your well-being in English

Adriana MargineanuThe daily particular patterns of movement we each develop are always imperfect in some way, in relation to wellness: even though they allow us to function - in fact because they allow us to function and are therefore reinforced - they inhibit our optimal development. The practise will restructure the body, bringing qualities of stability to it, strength, flexibility, stillness and a sense of clarity and well-being. We will develop new pattterns at a neuro-muscular level that decrease stress and promote healthy body alignment, leading ourselves towards optium wellness.

Na lekci jsou samozřejmě vítáni i česky mluvící jogínky a jogíni.

When: Every Saturday 10:00-11:00am
Price: 150CZK/1350CZK with a ticket for 10 entries/you can also use your Multisport card, Sodexo and Edenred tickets
Classes led by: Adriana Margineanu
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