Yoga for your well-being for beginners in English

Adriana Margineanu As we move through life, we rarely maintain a posture that is perfectly aligned and our modern environment facilitates lack of movement or poor movement patterns. As a result, muscle imbalances are created that overtime can generate discomfort and pain. If we restore the lost balance, the pain will go away. This apply for the back pains that this class address. Lots of people are complaining of lower back, upper back, shoulder and neck discomfort or pain caused by our modern lifestyle of sitting, driving, computers and cellphones.The class is constructed to promote the healthy of the spine, that overtime will prevent or alleviate these problems. Every class we will have all the directions of movement of the spine: forward bends, backbends, side bends, twists and axial extensions. The poses sequencing is made in a way that your body temperature will increase gradually, reach a peek and gradually decrease to the end of the class, which overall will give a relaxation effect. Even the expected result is that in time the back pain will diminish or disappear, this class is not intended to be a substitute for proper medical attention or treatment of serious conditions like herniated disks, etc.

Na lekci jsou samozřejmě vítáni i česky mluvící jogínky a jogíni.


When: Every Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm and Saturday 10:00-11:00am
Price: 170CZK/155CZK with a ticket for 10 entries (evening class)/150CZK/135CZK with a ticket for 10 entries (morning class)/you can also use your Multisport card, Sodexo and Edenred tickets, Slevomat or Slevy kurzů vouchers
Classes led by: Adriana Margineanu
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