Adriana Margineanu

Adriana Margineanu If I will have to describe in 2 words the effect that yoga has on my life is PAIN FREE. Over the period of 3 years I lived in China, where I was fortunate to meet a yoga therapy teacher who, in the context of me complaining of lower back pain from most then 10 years, she advise me to give it a try with yoga that it will help me. And I did give it a try, and it did help me and from that moment I was thinking that I would love to teach yoga, being able to help other people and in the same time being “ forced” to keep my body fit and healthy. This lead me to complete the Yoga Teacher Training In Shanghai with an experienced Indian teacher trained in the Sivananda tradition.

Since then I putt effort to deepen my understanding what a healthy yoga practice is and I completed several webinars with teachers trained in the Viniyoga tradition, which in many ways is regarded as yoga psyhical therapy. In a few words their theory is that muscles are designed to contract and relax in succession, which increases circulation to the area, brings nourishment and develops muscle tone and strength. This task is easily accomplished by moving in-out of the pose before holding it.

I’ve found that both Sivananda Hatha yoga and Viniyoga are focused on preserving the health and wellness of the practitioner and that’s why I teach a blend of these 2 methods.

I’m still looking forward to improve my knowledge and teaching. In the meantime I live with the words of Pete Egoscue in my mind: “The human body is designed to maintain it’s own health throughout a long lifetime. Episodes of pain are aberrations that can be easily treated if the body is permitted to do it’s work.”

In yogAlive I teach:
liYOGA FOR YOUR WELL-BEING FOR BEGINNERS IN ENGLISH (Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm, Friday 4:30-5:30pm and Saturday 10:00-11:00am)


liYOGA FOR YOUR HEALTHY BACK FOR BEGINNERS IN ENGLISH (This class is available for private students. Please send us your enquiry)


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